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Kasa Jizo Figurine


• Jizo doll, hand-crafted by Japanese artisans
• Traditional Japanese fabrics; each piece unique
• Based on the folktale Kasaojizo (see story below)
• Approx. 3" high; sold individually

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    These incredibly sweet representations of Jizo are handcrafted and made in Japan by a group of elderly women using traditional Japanese fabrics and techniques. They are inspired by the Japanese folktale Kasaojizo.

     Sold individually. Each piece unique; 3" high

    kasaojizo.jpgThe story goes like this:
    A poor old Japanese couple who lived deep in the mountains made their living by weaving straw into rice bags and sandals. One very snowy New Year's day the man decided to take their bags and sandals to town and sell them in order to buy rice to make traditional New Year's rice cakes. On his way to town he passed a group of Jizo statues on the side of the road. (Jizo is the traditional Japanese protector of travelers.) He sold his wares successfully, but was so worried about the Jizos not being protected from the snow, that instead of buying rice he bought bamboo hats for them. On his way home, he placed them on their heads one by one. He arrived home without the rice, but when his wife heard the story she was happy. That night they were woken from their sleep by a loud commotion outside. When they went out to look, there were the Jizos outside their humble home, bringing with them a huge bag of rice - enough to last the old couple for the rest of their lives.

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    1. Pleasant charming fabric Jizo

      These are very pleasant miniature Jizo figures mad of fabric. While I have gotten more detailed fabric Jizo elsewhere, these are quite nice and a very good size. on 19th Aug 2016